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Exciting features of our Learning App

GP Study Magazine is an educational mobile application for students who are keen to explore the subject in tech-savvy ways. Given the increased accessibility of the Internet via smartphones and other digital devices, such a learning app serves as an effective platform for you to learn, revise and reflect effectively.

Explore different real
world issues

Browse digital magazines that cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the wondrous field of Science and Technology to the controversial debate on Censorship and Social Media. We have organised these fascinating areas of study to keep them bite-sized and engaging at the same time.

Enhance your thinking and
writing skills

In addition to knowledge enrichment, GP Study Magazine includes model essays to demonstrate how you can apply your newfound knowledge to practice questions. These model essays are written by our very own JC GP Tutor Simon Ng. Examine these essays and start practising to be ready.

Be enthralled by our illustrative videos and infographics

In contrast to physical magazines, our learning app features educational videos that discuss issues relating to a specific theme. Also, we broaden your understanding of these themes via illustrative infographics and interesting facts that can be used in your essays and application questions (AQs).

What we provide?

Contents of the GP Study Magazine app

Purchase our digital magazines to start browsing these insightful articles and thematic content right away. By buying our magazines, you will gain exclusive access to the following:

  • 12 thematic magazines
  • 48 Issue discussion articles
  • 12 Infographics
  • 12 Educational videos
  • 12 Facts and figures

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