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Expand your knowledge of General Paper topics and refine your GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques with our GP Tuition Online E-Learning Programme, which will be available in September 2018. The purpose of this online learning programme is to provide JC students with an additional channel to access a reliable and up-to-date learning resource platform to adopt a consistent revision plan.

Features of our E-Learning Programme

"How we prepare you for A Level GP"

Our integrated and exam-friendly e-Learning Programme at GP Tuition Online will prepare you for the challenges of the A Level General Paper examination. Download our e-Learning app and sign up to receive latest updates on our GP Online Learning resources. You can analyse GP issues and videos, browse GP outlines and model essays, improve GP comprehension and essay writing skills. As such, our comprehensive revision programme will give you the competitive edge to ace the A Level General Paper examination.


Analyse GP Issues and

Our GP Issues cover a broad range of topics that are widely discussed on the news by academics, educators and individuals from various professions. Be engaged and inspired to explore GP topics with our visually-attractive and thought-provoking videos.


Browse GP Outlines and Model Essays

Learn how to write logically and persuasively with our GP model essays. These essays are featured in the form of outlines and full model essay writing, which will be instrumental in demonstrating the appropriate structure and style of writing to do well for the A Level GP essay questions.


Improve GP Comprehension and Essay Skills

Broaden your knowledge of GP skills by covering the two major components of the A Level General Paper, namely GP comprehension and essay questions. Get useful study tips and exam strategies to hone your GP comprehension and essay writing techniques.

Other Educational Features of our GP Tuition Online.

"How else we can aid you in your revision for General Paper"

Get a headstart in your study of A Level General Paper with our related educational features that complement the GP Tuition Online E-Learning Programme. Our passionate and experienced GP Tutors conduct regular GP tuition programme, free writing practice sessions and essay writing and comprehension skills development workshops. We guide you through the process of raising writing proficiency, such that you possess the knowledge capacity and writing competency to attain your desired grade at the A Level GP examination.


Regular GP Tuition

Attend our regular GP Tuition classes, which are held on a weekly basis at our featured tuition centres at Bishan, Bedok, Tampines and Singapore. Explore GP topics by engaging in class discussions and participating in online writing practice sessions to synergise your knowledge to exam-based questions.

Free Writing
Practice Sessions

We invite you to attend these FREE writing practice sessions that serve as timely opportunities for self-assessment in preparation for upcoming tests and examinations. Attempt GP comprehension and essay questions in a conducive learning environment to raise exam confidence and competency.

Essay Writing and Comprehension
Skills Development Workshops

Join our GP essay writing and comprehension skills development workshops, which are useful in refining your reading and writing methods. Learn how to apply exam-oriented skills, like information extraction, outline setting, paragraph development and the use of rebuttals, via class practices.

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