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How Much Progress Have You Mades So Far?
You have completed at least one of the following:
  • created mind-maps for note-taking
  • read model essays
  • attempted tutorial questions
  • completed past year school examinations

Yet, your recent test results are not desirable.
So, what went wrong?
Here's How We Can Help You

The General Paper Trial Class, held by GP Tutor Mr Simon Ng, is prepared to assist you:


Explore GP topics to be familiar with key real-world issues.


Refine your comprehension and essay answering skills.


Review guided practices to correct your writing errors.

What You Will Learn

How to relate your knowledge of real-world issues to questions.

How to study keywords in essay questions to plan your answers.

How to remember and use relevant examples to support your arguments.

How to develop clarity and coherence in your writing for comprehension.

What You Will Get

The GeneralPaper Trial Class includes:


Build your compre answering and essay writing skills to read, think, write and answer accurately.


Tackle a diverse types of essays and comprehension with free GP Practices to achieve proficiency and speed in handling exams.


Study smartly in an approach that focuses on what it takes to grade A with our reviews and guidance.

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After registration is completed, please wait for the tutor to contact you on the trial lesson date and time.


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