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Learning Features

A student-oriented learning platform for General Paper

Our gp tuition online system functions on a three-pronged teaching approach, namely, the GP Learning Studio, GP Practice Lab and GP Study Magazine. This platform is designed carefully to make learning enriching, easy and productive to prepare students to excel in the coming GCE A level examination. We enrich your content of knowledge, raise your proficiency to apply, nuture the thinking and writing skills and build the capacity to answer effectively.


Knowledge Enrichment: GP Learning Studio

Broaden your knowledge of real-world issues by taking part in our livestream classes. GP Learning Studio features interactive tools to support student-tutor engagement in real-time as you develop a firm understanding of various GP matters.


Skills Development: GP Practice Lab

Participate in a hands-on learning approach by attempting comprehension and essay practices. GP Practice Lab provides you with the platform to refine your thinking and writing techniques through practices like essay outlines and summary questions.


GP Study Magazine

This GP Study Magazine provides a list of digital materials to enrich students' content of knowledge and capacity to apply knowledge to discussion and writing. It also serves as an organisation system under MyWork functions where their works and notes by the tutor are stored to better prepare for exam.

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How you will benefit from our GP Tuition Online?

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How you can learn with the GP Study Magazine digital magazines

Be enriched to explore diverse thematic issues

Features of the digital magazine

  • Article write-ups
  • Educational videos
  • Infographics
  • Facts and figures

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