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What do you master?

Essay-Oriented Discussion

  • A quick and exam-oriented to diagnose question types
  • Techniques to develop a logical structure
  • Sensible and relevant elaboration of diverse paragraphs
  • Effective illustration of examples

Comprehension Preparation

  • Different types of SAQ
  • Proper answering techniques
  • AQ & Summary techniques
  • How to score language marks

What is this JC GP Learners Club?

JC GP Learners Club empowers independent students to learn better on their own with proper learning resources. Receive topical learning resources on a monthly basis. Check out how our public education project enriches your learning.

Benefits of JC GP Learners Club

A Level Essay

Understand the A level requirements, writing proficiency and content mastery required to excel during the exam.

Comprehension/ AQ

Master comprehension skills that can improve your mastery of GP

Study Plan

A study plan for every chapter to enrich your knowledge and enhance your application of knowledge for essay writing and comprehension.

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Ready for the GCE A level

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Reflect on these issues about life

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Explore the strengths and weaknesses of the education system

Join our GP Tuition

You may want to join our GP Tuition, if you need more help than what out GP Learning Club teaches.

What we teach in our GP Tuition?

  • Critical Thinking and Reflection on GP Issues
  • Content Enrichment and Application
  • Comprehension and Essay Writing Skills Development
  • Comprehension Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed)
  • Essay Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed)
  • Personal Consultation on how to improve
  • Free Study Sessions with JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

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