Poverty: A Personal Choice or a Social Malaise?

Video Title: What is Poverty?

Overview of Video

The video, ‘What is Poverty’ mentions that poverty is not just some object or thing that can be measured tangibly. In order to explain this complex concept, we must step back and understand what exactly causes poverty. Poverty is manifested through the artificial barriers of separation. This creates an avenue of comparison among individuals and groups such as the have vs have nots, rich vs poor.

While some argue that giving would help to bridge the gap between groups, this more often than not creates new walls. It is a mere restatement of the walls: my superiority is your shame and I have what you need. In this case, it is emotional or psychological poverty.

A more effective way to combat poverty is to emphasize the value of togetherness. It is more than just giving what we do not need for others but really needing what we cannot be just by ourselves.

We should not let our brokenness lead to actions that build new walls. Consumers should be open to absorbing increased costs of product in order to better the working conditions of factory workers. There should be this universal emphasis on friendship and compassion for others.

GP Tutor’s View

This video brilliantly portrays a complex topic like poverty using minimalist and simple animation. It uses a visual depiction like physical walls to reveal the often emotional walls of separation felt by those stuck in the poverty cycle. Many times, global issues like Poverty and Climate Change are far more complex than just it seems and many of our suggestions are in fact stop-gap measures that further entrench or deepen the problems.

I must say that emphasizing a value and mindset shift towards togetherness is not an easy task either. The video identifies the root cause of poverty but shifts in the fixed mindsets of individuals require a momentous and generational change in communities and societies. Simply put, how do we convince someone that their perceptions are skewed when they think they are right?

Open-ended Question

Do you agree that the poverty trap is unavoidable?

Share with us if you agree or disagree? We appreciate that you can provide us with some points on this question.

Poverty: A Personal Choice or a Social Malaise?

Poverty: A Personal Choice or a Social Malaise?

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