GP Tuition Intensive Revision

Comprehensive preparation for A Level GP

Sign up for our GP Tuition Intensive Revision programme during school holidays to enhance your revision efforts and adopt a productive study plan today. This integrated and exam-focused programme will guide you through the process of comprehending complex ideas and abstract topics covered in the GP essay and comprehension questions. Under the guidance of our experienced GP tutors, like GP Tuition Simon Ng, learn how to develop and refine your critical thinking skills, which are essential in preparing you for the future challenges in the working world.

Features of our Intensive Revision

"How our GP tuition prepare you for the General Paper exam"

Join our GP Tuition Intensive Revision programme to adopt a comprehensive and exam-focused study plan. The three distinctive features will give you the competitive edge and bring you closer to your goal of academic success at the A Level General Paper examination.


Critical Thinking and
intellectual Acumen

Our lessons will expand your intellectual acumen by showing you ways of argument and causation that will raise your capacity to answer essay questions under examination condition..Your spontaneous thinking is enhanced as you can reflect better with the topic of discussion in the comprehension passage. Improve your abilities on how to develop examples and apply to context of discussion.


Essay Writing and Comprehension Skills Development workshops

Sign up for the GP essay writing and comprehension skills development workshops to hone your answering techniques. The GP tutors will cover various aspects of writing skills, like introduction setting, causation, use of rebuttal, information extraction and annotation of ideas.


FREE writing practices

As a registered student, you can join our FREE writing practices that enhance your writing approaches to become an analytical thinker and prolific writer. These sessions feature many GP essay and comprehension questions that you can attempt to acquire quicking thinking and persuasive writing skills.

Other Educational Features of our GP Tuition Online.

"How else we can aid you in your revision for General Paper"

In addition to the GP Tuition Intensive Revision programme, you can also tap on the vast learning resources featured in our General Paper Education Network. In this well research and integrated learning network, you can make studying on GP easier, convenience and productive.


Comprehend GP Issues
with Videos

Explore the GP videos and perspective analysis writing featured in the GP Issues section. We cover a wide range of topics, like Fake News, Environment, Culture and Censorship. Engage in discussions to strengthen your understanding of these topics for exam application.

Learn to write
with our GP Essays

Browse through our GP essays that are in the form of concise outlines and full GP model essays. These essays cover many topics that are based on past school and national examinations. Learn how to structure your writing and form logical and persuasive arguments to ace the GP Essay component.

Improve your writing techniques
with our GP Skills

Hone your GP comprehension and essay writing techniques with our GP Skills, which offer articles that provide useful tips and learning strategies for your consideration and revision. Augment your revision efforts with these GP Skills and attempt regular self-practices to accelerate your learning.

Pursue Academic Success

Sign up for our GP Tuition Intensive Revision Programme today.