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GP Tuition

A comprehensive learning programme for JC students.

GP Tuition is established by experienced JC GP Tutor Simon Ng of Students will be taught the essential thinking and writing techniques to streamline their study methods for General Paper and effectively prepare them for their GCE A Level General Paper examinations. More importantly, the tuition programme features exam-driven class practices for GP Comprehension and Essay questions.

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Browse the following articles which explains the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each article is carefully curated and written with the aim of improving your understanding of different real-world issues.

Why Choose Our GP Tuition?

A productive way to understand diverse GP matters.

Our GP Tuition programme offers student-friendly learning methods to raise the efficiency to analyse real-world issues, ensuring exam-readiness. This is done through the use of two comprehensive digital tools, namely the GP Learning Studio and GP Practice Lab.

GP Learning Studio

GP Learning Studio focuses on knowledge enrichment to ensure that students are familiar with diverse real-world issues that are applicable in essay writing and answering comprehension questions. We aim to achieve this through lifestream classes, whiteboard illustrations and document sharing.

GP Practice Lab

GP Practice Lab is a virtual classroom that has learning features which equips students with the important skills of thinking and writing processes systematically. These digital tools will help students improve on their essay writing and comprehension answering skills.

How do we prepare you for the A Level General Paper?

Ensuring the exam-readiness of students

Cultivate Critical Thinking and Reflection

The tutor will hold frequent class discussions and provide article resources that help to widen your perspective on important GP matters. This hones the students’ critical thinking skills to grasp concepts effectively and apply them in the practices.

Essay Writing Skills

Students will attempt many essay practices and familiarise themselves with different essay questions types. They will learn the fundamentals of essay writing, such as outline writing, perspective setting and rebuttal. The tutor give regular reviews and feedback to improve your writing skills.

Comprehension Skills Development

Students will get sufficient practice by attempting our comprehension questions, consisting of short answer questions, summary and application questions. This will help students develop critical reading and writing skills like information extraction, inference and paraphrasing. The tutor will also mark and go through completed practices in detail, ensuring that students fully understand the practices.

Learning made effective.

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