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GP Tuition Online is established by experienced JC GP Tutor Simon Ng of Students will be taught the essential thinking and writing techniques to streamline their study experience for the General Paper subject. More importantly, the tuition programme features exam-driven class practices for GP Comprehension and Essay that effectively prepares students for their GCE A Level General Paper examinations.

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Learn the right skills on how you can improve your essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques before before you start your essay writing and comprehnsion practice. Join this GP Skills Development Programme before you start any practices.

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This self-study GP tuition programme gives students a head start on how to study for General Paper. Our Study Plan provides a clear guide on what resources you have and how to better utilise them for your study. In addition, a comprehensive chapter analysis highlights key areas of study for that topic. This helps you understand how questions are often asked, provides the unique knowledge you need to deepen your conceptual understanding and most important of all, shows you what it takes to get grade A.

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A public education project by for independent learners aged 13 to 18.
With these FREE monthly resources, we aim to cultivate the language proficiency, clarity of thought and writing skills of students.

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