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8 lessons on Skill Development, Content Enrichment and Practice-based study programme

Think Reflectively. Write Persuasively. Answer Correctly.

In this gp tuition intensive workshop, students are nurtured with the right skills, the abilities and practices to build their intellectual acumen quickly and effectively for their promo, prelim and GCE A level

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Watch, read, learn and reflect on what you can learn from our GP Media library. Browse through what we teach in these free learning programmes to know how we can get you grade A for GP.

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GP Tuition

A Comprehensive Learning Programme for JC Students

We prepare students not just for Grade A but to enrich them in a creative, innovative and sensible manner. We aim to cultivate students’ intellectual acumen to make logical thinking, write expressively and answer correctly to the requirements of the GCE A level Essay Writing and Comprehension Paper.

GP Tuition Online

How We Teach

  • In-house live streaming sessions
  • Engage in meaningful online discussions
  • Receive online worksheets and learning resources through our digital learning tools
  • Receive close guidance and teaching

GP Tuition

How We Teach

  • Small class teaching @ Bishan
  • Roundtable discussions and timed classroom practices
  • Receive physical worksheets and learning resources
  • Receive close guidance and teaching

Talk as fast as you Think,

Write as fast as you Talk.

How our GP Tuition Online works?

In this elearning system, we have a Live Streaming Class where our GP Learning Studio and GP Practice Lab nurtures your thinking, writing and answering skills and builds your content knowledge to get you grade A for GCE Examination.
We offer a well-organised and content-rich learning system and an application. (GP STUDY MAGAZINE @ PLAYSTORE AND APPSTORE)