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Free GP Essay Writing and Comprehension Skills Lessons

Think Reflectively. Write Persuasively. Answer Correctly.

In our regular gp tuition, our classes are conducted through in-house live streaming sessions and online class practices with the aim to enrich our students' knowledge, writing and answering techniques.

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GP Tuition

Think and Write in a logical manner

When we conduct our tuition programmes, we aim not just to prepare our students for grade A but enrich them in a creative, innovative and sensible manner. Our aims are to cultivate our students’ intellectual acumen to make logical thinking, write expressively and answer correctly to the requirement of the GCE A level Essay Writing and Comprehension Paper.
With our effective writing and answering skills, we prepare our students’ capacity to expand and apply their content of knowledge for essay writing. We also raise their competency to read and comprehend the content of the passage to do well for SAQ, AQ and summary questions.

GP Tuition Online

A comprehensive learning programme for JC students.

In our regular GP tuition programme, our classes are conducted though in-house live streaming sessions and online class practices with the aim to enrich our students’ knowledge, writing and answering techniques.
We are currently offering a Holiday Revision Programme to help students recap and strengthen their GP Skills and Content before the start of their JC2 education. The first two lessons are skills workshops where we hone students’ comprehension answering techniques and essay writing skills. The remaining 6 lessons are thematic lessons where we discuss important general paper topics and apply the content learnt in comprehension and essay practises. The Holiday Revision Programme strengthens students’ foundation in General Paper and adequately prepares them for their JC2 GP journey.

GP Tuition Classroom @ Bishan

If you prefer, you may attend our small class teaching at our tuition centre at bishan and learn in a conducive studying environment. Ask questions and be supervised and engage more in our discussion about what you have learnt as you are in an online class. Notes and practices are also given to make learning productive and effective so that you can be prepared for grade A.
Well, you can also join in the online lesson and watch a list of learning videos and webinars that help you improve your knowledge, thinking and writing capacity. Thus, get the best in both learning worlds with us.

Talk as fast as you Think,

Write as fast as you Talk.

How we conduct our lessons:

1. Teaching materials are mailed to you before the start of one module of learning.

2. Class discussion on topical content, skills development and application of skills.

3. Class practices and our students' answers will be marked and sent to you by email.

4. Review of the work through a personal review session.

5. Organisation of our students’ work through our study apps.

How our GP Tuition Online works?

In this elearning system, we have a Live Streaming Class where our GP Learning Studio and GP Practice Lab nurtures your thinking, writing and answering skills and builds your content knowledge to get you grade A for GCE Examination.
We offer a well-organised and content-rich learning system and an application. (GP STUDY MAGAZINE @ PLAYSTORE AND APPSTORE)


GP Learning Studio

Discuss and Engage.

GP Learning Studio focuses on knowledge enrichment to ensure that students are familiar with diverse real-world issues that may be tested in the essay and comprehension questions. We achieve this aim through livestream classes, whiteboard illustrations and document sharing.

Understand GP Issues via Livestream Classes

Our lessons include real-time student engagement to create a conducive and interactive environment for learning. You can ask questions via instant messaging to clarify your doubts during the live classes as well.

Teaching through Virtual Whiteboard

View the illustrations written by the JC GP Tutor to follow the online class discussions. We introduce this feature to enhance the conventional teaching approach. You can download whiteboard sketches for future references.

Organise your work through MyWork Folder

Keep all your notes, essays and comprehension practices in an accessible private folder. You can retrieve and browse these documents for revision anytime and anywhere.

Review your writing through Document Sharing

You can submit your online practices to our JC GP Tutor for marking. In return, you will receive marked answers to correct your writing errors and raise proficiency of language expression.

GP Practice Lab

Let’s Practise!

Virtual Classroom is a skills-oriented learning feature that guides you through the thinking and writing processes systematically. Try these e-learning tools to improve your essay writing and comprehension answering skills.

Arrange your Essay Writing Structure

Develop your skills in understanding of the requirements of the question and capacity to create a structure of writing over many practices to prepare yourself to answer spontaneously with minutes under exam stress.

Try the Essay Writing Practices

Attempt our practices to be familiar with different essay question types. Learn the fundamentals of essay writing, such as outline writing, perspective setting and rebuttal. You can submit your essay practices for tutor review.

Attempt the Comprehension Practices

Try our comprehension questions, consisting of short answer questions, summary and application questions (AQ). Learn the reading and writing skills, like information extraction, inference and paraphrasing. Similarly, you can submit completed practices for marking by the tutor.

Explore our online learning features

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GP Issues

"Gain wider perspectives on GP matters"

Explore the current GP issues from these perspectives to derive a clearer and balanced comprehension of the past and present. With our broad range of topics based on past A Level General Paper examination topics, you can deepen your understanding of the pertinent matters, such as the detriments of fake news on societies. Furthermore, within each issue, we feature multiple viewpoints, such as the social, economic, political and psychological impacts of social media on the world.

GP Essays

"Write complex GP essays with logic and expression"

Read our featured GP essays and emulate the writing techniques to ace your A Level General Paper examination. These GP essays cover many questions that are based on past examination questions set in schools and at the national assessment. We provide both GP essay outlines and model essays to support your learning.

GP Skills

"Improve your GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques effectively"

Browse through these learning resources to find out how you can apply useful study tips and minimise errors for your GP comprehension and essay writing. These articles are written by experienced GP Tutors, like GP Tutor Simon Ng, and will be essential in guiding you through the understanding of question requirements and basic answering approaches. In fact, you can strengthen your GP skills with our GP Tuition programme as there are writing workshops to build up your writing proficiency.

GP Facts

"Broaden your knowledge with our interesting facts and figures"

Learn more about General Paper issues by examining the following categories, liked Education, Science and Technology, Social Media, Culture, Religion and Youths.

Learn more from our General Paper Education Network

"Our Integrated Learning Network" is part of the largest General Paper Online Education Network in Singapore. We have been educating students in this subject of General Paper since 2000. We are pleased to provide useful GP notes, GP skills and GP essays, online practices and other studying materials to aid JC students in Singapore and international students studying for IGCSE examination for General Paper. Our aim is to raise the academic acumen, critical thinking, logic answering and essay writing skills to excel in the GCE A level examination, gaining entrance to prestigious university.

Expand your knowledge of General Paper topics at, which is managed by experienced GP Tutors, like GP Tutor Simon Ng. Learn how to write logical and clear answers for GP Comprehension and Essays.

JC GP Tuition
JC GP Tuition

Sign up as a student of JC GP Tuition to get a headstart in your revision for A Level General Paper. We impart you with the knowledge and skills to analyse and comprehend different current affair issues, like the problems of fake news.

GP Tuition Singapore
GP Tuition Singapore

Improve your GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques at GP Tuition Singapore. We feature a wide range of GP topics, like Culture, Education, Science and Technology, with educational videos and discussion.


GP Tuition Bishan
GP Tuition Bishan

Engage in reflective discussion at GP Tuition Bishan by exploring various GP-related topics. Our GP Tuition programme is available for students at Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Woodlands, Sembawang and Sengkang.

GP Tuition Tampines
GP Tuition Tampines

Engage experienced and passionate GP Tutors at GP Tuition Tampines, which provides General Paper tuition programme for JC1 and JC2 students at Bedok, Tampines, Simei, Pasir Ris, Siglap, East Coast and Paya Lebar.

GP Tuition Bukit Timah
GP Tuition Bukit Timah

Explore the A Level General Paper topics at GP Tuition Bukit Timah, which offers JC General Paper Tuition programme for JC students at Clementi, Jurong, Bukit Gombak, Bukit Batok, Commonwealth and Redhill.