Is the World today really an unhappy place to live in?

Learn how to write a reflective essay which can be philosophical and intellectual. Nurture your skills to develop scope of discussion to make essay more intellectual and create sensible phrases and clauses to cultivate logic and sensibility in expression.

  • Publish On: 31 August 2021
  • Author: GP Tuition Simon Ng

We like your comments as it gives us new perspective on how we examine issues in life and develop our sense of opinions. Feel free to write your comments on the issue we have listed.

Write down if you agree with us on this question listed below and let us share with you this essay we have written.

1. Can we make our world a better place to live in?

Ngoh Jin Syl : 2021-09-07 14:28:09

Definitely! We can make our world a much better place to live in! Continual improvement via creation and innovation is an innate human characteristic that is deeply embedded within our cultural soul and psyche. Regardless of status or time period, we humans have always strove to better the livelihoods of our family, community and country. The creation of fire by our ancestors during the miedeval Stone Ages has brought us much needed warmth. The development of the Gutenberg Press prior to the rise of the internet spearheaded the democratization of knowledge. Simply put, innovation and creation is a constant that transformed the course of our history.

In today's age of improved living standards and as fortunate flagbearers of a successful economic story, we hold no excuses. We can and must make our world a better place.(Of course, I understand that not everyone may have the freedom and status to exert influence. But we can still do our bit part if we are able to) Especially in the post COVID world mirred with instability and inequality, several Singaporeans and understood this responsibility and has taken the initiative. NUS students volunterred as translators for migrant workers during the dormitory outbreak. They even managed to create a website to smoothen the translation process! In society, Singaporeans have also volunteered to domate food to low income family too!


GP Tuition Online on Reflective Issues

GP Tuition Online on Reflective Issues

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