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You can learn any time and anywhere with this GP STUDY MAGAZINE. Enrich your knowledge and immerse in diverse topics that nuture the intellectual mind. Find out how you can write better and effectively with our essay writing skills and understand your writing behaviours and issues.

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A digital education magazine that aims to help students learn, revise and reflect independently and effectively. There are 12 thematic issues with each issue covering a widely debated world issue, enabling you to hone your understanding of the issues through Content Enrichment, GP Infographic, GP Videos and GP Facts & Figures

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Have an online lesson with our JC GP Tutor Simon Ng. Learn the essential thinking and writing techniques required for essay writing and comprehension. Afterwards, apply what you have learnt during the lesson by attempting a timed practice.

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Diagnostic Marking

An essential part of scoring well for a GP is to learn from your mistakes. Have a 1 to 1 review with our tutor where he will identify your errors and strengths based on language expression and content development. Learn how you can work on your areas of improvement.


A bundling of 3 learning concerns in one lesson which provides a comprehensive coverage of a students’ learning needs. Read on to find out how this lesson helpsn you to score well for GCE A Levels GP.

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Provision of comprehensive information to guide your study

Students require an immersive wealth of knowledge to be able to generate ideas and points for writing components such as essays and AQ (Application Question). Our 12 thematic magazines provide an organized way for students to obtain relevant information. We go one step further by providing in depth analysis and discussion of current issues, information which cannot be easily sourced for online.

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Good Understanding of GP Skills

Due to the packed school curriculum, teachers do not place much emphasis on developing proper writing skills and answering techniques. As a result, students have a weak writing foundation. Thus, our lesson focuses on enhancing the skills of students, to ensure that they have a strong and stable foundation in GP.

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In Depth understanding of strengths and weaknesses

While practice and application is important, review and feedback is equally important to maximise your learning. Understanding your own strengths and areas for improvement will allow you to craft an effective learning schedule and plan to tackle your weaknesses. This allows you to be exam-ready.

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What we teach in our GP Tuition

  • Critical Thinking and Reflection on GP Issues
  • Content Enrichment and Application
  • Comprehension and Essay Writing Skill Development
  • Comprehension Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed)
  • Essay Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed)
  • Personal Consultation on how to improve
  • Free Study Sessions with JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

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