What are the important issues about life?

  • Publish On: 31 August 2021
  • Author: GP Tuition Simon Ng

Be reflective and sensible when you dwell more the the true meaning of life and learn how you can use these views to cultivate sensibility and empathy.

GP Tuition Online on Reflective Issues

GP Tuition Online on Reflective Issues

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What are the important issues about life?

We seek to grow strong, well and happy in our development but this is often neglected by the errors of humans or the calamity of life.

As a living person, we live a life that is uniquely ours and is different in many ways when compared to others but its direction and meaning still hold similar vision, purpose, development and consideration. It is in this manner that we can come to an agreement that we have issues that are significant to our lives and that can be seen from these areas.

One area of concern is seen from issues that affect our individual development. We seek to grow strong, well and happy in our development but this is often neglected by the errors of humans or the calamity of life. We have to place attention on matters that affect our positive development as an individual in areas like our health, mentality, skills, education and emotions. When we focus on ourselves and develop well as individuals, we need to place attention on these areas of concern, finding out the issues that shape who we are and what we want in life. Our passion and meaning of life would be clearer and defined when we focus on how we develop as an individual.

When we know who we are, we can then create the family that shapes our solace and home environment which is of paramount significance to us. How we love our family defines how our family grows and our individual development would be significant to the formation of the characteristics of this family. Unfortunately, many ignore this and allow the social and political institutions to take over how our family works to provide the social and psychological shelter that shapes our comfort. The values, the way we treat our loved ones and the complexity we face in the establishment of our family structure and the lives we live.

There are important issues that we need to deal with in our social journey. Our views and values are affected by our society and we cannot deny that social changes define use as they shape our purposes in this world. We uphold values and conventions that are dear to us that  implicate who we are. It is of great imperative for us to take a stand on morality, ethics, social behaviours and expectations which affect our standing in society. These concerns and issues define the society and how we value our society, shaping the ethics and characteristics of civilization. 

It is of great imperative that we must care for issues that affect our rights as a member in this political identity. We must care for our rights to speak, exercise our choice and practice what we believe in a cultural, religious and social framework. We also need to pay attention to how our actions can have a great impact on others and exercise them with great caution on how they influence the world we live in. We must uphold our values for a just, ethical, upright and fair world, not succumbing to fear, oppression and indiction that we are imposed by the institutions that are unfair, wrong and unjust. The issues of concern from this political aspect is to create a world that maintains peace and harmony, with conventional values which are of pluralistic interest to all.

In retrospect, we can ponder that there are many complexities and challenges in life that undermine our purposes and visions but these concerns and apprehensions are the same factors that aids us to define what are the significant issues we should be concerned with. Without issues in life, our life is meaningless and purposeless as we strive for nothing, see no value, living a life involution.