How does science and technology affect our lives?

  • Publish On: 12 February 2018
  • Author: GP Tuition Simon Ng

Learn more about Science and Technology as a featured GP issue. We cover multiple perspectives that analyse its individual, social and economic impacts at our GP Tuition Notes on Science and Technology. Apply your knowledge to answer GP comprehension and essay questions effectively.

JC GP Tuition Online on Science and Technology | Simon Ng

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How does Science and Technology affect our lives?

How does science and technology affect individuals? In this GP Tuition Notes on Science and Technology, we will discuss the micro impacts of such advancements, such as the way we live our lives. Explore both positive and negative consequences of technological progress in the modern world.

How does Science and Technology affect our lives?

In an increasingly globalised world, science and technology has led the revolution frontier in disrupting industries across the global spectrum, riding on the vision of innovation, productivity and efficacy which affects all our lives. Its tremendous effect brought along changes in the way we think, behave, interact and work, spurring new methods to influence methodologies, execute solutions and derive evolution. As a result, humanity progresses further than ever in the history books, shattering records and discoveries repeatedly. To realise how this phenomenon managed to pervade our lives, it is important to take a step back and examine the impacts of science and technology in the distinct regards of psychology, individual, social and economic.

The way we think

Shaping the psychological aspects of individuals, science and technology plays a major role in the way we think and the manner of which our brain processes information. Our brain receives scientific and technological influences to think in a structured approach and consequently, develop a keen acumen of the world around us. Skills such as memory retention and behavioural assessments are refined which helps up structure solutions effectively. These attempts streamline our thinking capacity and cultivate the greater intellectual potential in us.

With such extensive influence, there lies a need to examine the psychological effects of technology and how it takes shape in affecting the way we think.

The way we behave

Technological advancements certainly have its place in transforming the way we behave and manage ourselves. Utilising technology, we have enabled creative methods to enhance our interpersonal skills, shaping how we converse with one another as well as understand the complexities of world affairs.

Developments in communication have allowed us to exchange information seamlessly and search for answers in no time. This leads to better comprehension of people’s understanding with each other as they become exposed to the variants of human behaviour through online sources. However, such communication has also led to worsening interpersonal skills as users pay less attention to face-to-face interactions among friends and families.

The way we interact

As science and technology bring across new ventures of communication on platforms harnessed by the Internet, our social behaviour adapts accordingly and succumbs to the influences of the social media platforms. Such irresistibility derives from the strong drawing power of social media, where friends and strangers congregate virtually to share daily happenings and updates on their lives. Today, the society interacts with at least one hand holding a smartphone, exchanging information and ideas at the same moment.

As a result, behaviours change and relationships evolve. We begin to grow more outwards and inwards simultaneously, searching for deeper and unlikely connections while closing the connections that are forged since birth.

The way we work

With a plethora of opportunities created by science and technology, the way we work and the manner of employment naturally advances in conjunction to the quick paced technology evolution. A double-edged sword, science and technology offers productivity and efficiency to enhance our working patterns and create more effective results. However, it also serves to undermine the employability of workers as science and technology brings about the overwhelming benefits of new production processes as well as automation.

As we proceed alongside with technology, our mannerism at work changes too, making it imperative for us to examine the economic perspective of science and technology and seek to create sustained discussions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a technological economy.